Pablo Escobar Tour: the Horror of the Narcowar


The phenomenon of Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel must not be hidden, but rather understood!

He tour from Medellín de Cerca on Pablo Escobar does not praise, exalt or promote crime; nor does it repeat the speech of emphatic condemnation that the traditional institutionality wants to impose. Instead, we strive to deeply understand the causes, the context, and the consequences.

Visit some of the places that marked the life of Pablo Escobar, learn about the main anecdotes and historical moments and understand the drug phenomenon, based on the principles of objectivity and neutrality.

This tour allows us to analyze history and reflect on drug trafficking, violence and corruption in Colombia. An independent journalistic approach is used, without limiting itself to the biases of the media, nor to the censorship of the authorities and traditional institutions, nor to the particular feelings of the people closest to the head of the Medellín Cartel.

With a historical context, different views and different versions are addressed, so that you can identify the lessons that should be learned from the drug war.

This tour must be done by vehicle, since different places in the city that are separated by several kilometers are visited. You will have the opportunity to walk through the places where stops are made.

approximate duration

6 hours
From the agreed start time until we drop you off at the same place where we picked you up or at any other place you have indicated.

Nota: si el usuario adiciona la visita al Museo Pablo Escobar, el recorrido durará aproximadamente dos horas más.

This tour It is ideal for…

  • Feel the magnitude of the impact that the Medellín Cartel had on the economy, security and mentality of the population of Medellín, Antioquia and Colombia.
  • Tour the places that Pablo Escobar inhabited and that were decisive in the operations of the Medellín Cartel.
  • Know unofficial versions about the life of Pablo Escobar, taken from people who were close to him.

tour description

In this tour the following stops are made:

• Parque de la Inflexión: antiguo Edificio Mónaco, residencia principal de Pablo Escobar y su familia. Hoy en día, es un lugar conmemorativo de las víctimas mortales que dejó el accionar delictivo de Escobar.
• Barrio Pablo Escobar: oficialmente llamado “Medellín Sin Tugurios”, este fue el barrio que el líder del Cartel de Medellín construyó para brindar casas a algunas de las familias más pobres de la ciudad. Allí se encuentra el monumento a Pablo Escobar.
• Place of his death: house where the capo died cornered.
• Lunch or light meal: a break in a restaurant suggested by Medellín de Cerca (the expenses you make in this activity are not covered in the tour fee).
• Tomb: you will observe Escobar's burial place, which receives numerous visitors, offerings and talismans, at different times of the year.
• (Opcional) Museo Pablo Escobar: está disponible la opción de adicionar esta parada, lo que aumentará la duración del recorrido. Al momento de realizar la reserva, el usuario deberá agregar la visita al museo en la sección de servicios adicionales. Los boletos de ingreso deberá comprarlos el usuario directamente en el museo.

In addition to the stops, during the tour the guide will explain and comment on other key places and areas of the city.

Passenger pick-up and drop-off locations

The collection is made at the address indicated by the user, within the urban areas of the municipalities of Medellín, Envigado, Itagüí, Sabaneta or Bello. At the end of the tour, the vehicle of the tour will transfer users to this same place or to any other that they indicate, within the mentioned areas.

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Tour start times

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