Terms and Conditions

Below you will find the terms and conditions that apply to the provision of different products and services of the Medellín de Cerca brand and its websites www.medellindecerca.com and www.medellinupclose.com.

The use of our services, as well as the purchase of our products, implies that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this document.


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Hiring of guided tours
Purchase of printed books
Offers and promotions
Intellectual Property


Modification of routes

Visits to certain places in the different destinations and tours may be eliminated due to scheduled or unscheduled closures. Failure to visit one or more of the places described in the tour itinerary will not give rise to any claims on the part of the client nor to any refund for the tour service. The only exception will be in the case that the client has paid Medellín Up Close – Medellín de Cerca for tickets or entrance tickets to the attractions and Medellín Up Close – Medellín de Cerca has not yet acquired such tickets from any third party. Now, if the tickets have already been purchased and the third party provider agrees to refund the money to Medellín de Cerca, Medellín de Cerca will in turn refund the money to the end user.

Assignment of guides and drivers

If the group on a private tour consists of four passengers or less, the entire service will be provided by a driver-guide. For groups of five people or more, a guide other than the driver will accompany the group.


If the client cancels the contracted activity with an anticipation equal to or greater than twelve (12) working hours before the start time of the service, a penalty equivalent to 60% of the value of the service will be charged to cover expenses and damages.

If the cancellation is made less than twelve (12) business hours in advance, the penalty fee will correspond to 80% of the value of the service, to cover expenses and damages.

Business hours are understood to be Medellín de Cerca’s business hours, which were informed to the client and are published on the contact page of www.medellindecerca.com.

Date changes

If the client requests a change of date with an anticipation equal to or greater than twelve (12) business hours before the start time of the service, the activity will be rescheduled and there will be no penalty. However, if you request cancellation with a shorter notice, a penalty of 40% of the value of the service will be charged.

Making payments

Before starting any service, the customer must have paid in full the amount indicated for such service. If, for any reason, there are outstanding balances to be paid, these must always be paid before using the service.


Delivery times

Shipments of printed books are made to all municipalities in the country. The delivery times are informed on the product order page, once the user selects the municipality for shipment.

The deadlines for delivery of the products are as follows:

– Medellín and its metropolitan area (Caldas, La Estrella, Sabaneta, Itagüí, Envigado, Bello, Copacabana and Barbosa): up to two business days after the date of purchase.
– Head offices of the other municipalities of Antioquia: between two and five working days, depending on the area.
– Major cities in Colombia: between two and five working days, depending on the area.
– Head offices of municipalities in departments other than Antioquia: between four and fifteen working days, depending on the area.

The customer exonerates www.medellindecerca.com or its legal representative for any delay in delivery caused by situations beyond its control as a supplier of products or services, such as public order, road, air, river or land transportation services.

Warranties and reimbursements

When using our products, please note:
– Use them for the purposes for which they were designed at the factory.
– Keep them in cool and dry places; soil moisture may deteriorate them. Always handle the products with clean hands. Avoid contact with water or steam; these will damage the qualities of the paper. We do not accept returns of incomplete, cut or split units, or with marks caused by undue pressure such as gouges, tears, cuts or punctures; or marks caused by sweat, body fat, stains caused by food, beverages, water, inks, fluids or vapors in general, fire, acids or other chemical agents.

If the product shows any damage or deterioration at the time the customer receives it, he/she should contact Medellín de Cerca at the telephone numbers and e-mail address provided at the time of confirming the purchase. You may also establish contact through the channels available on the website (online chat button), during its hours of operation. The customer will be asked to provide photographs or videos showing the unsatisfactory conditions of the product and, if these were caused by an error in production, packaging or transportation, an equivalent order will be shipped. There will be no additional reinstatement.


Gift of the book Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca for hiring private tours

This gift will be effective at the time the tour begins and after the client has completed the total amount or payment of the tour.
A complimentary copy is assigned for each reservation, not for each person participating in the tour experience.


The products and services offered on this website are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.