Medellín Up Close - Medellín de cerca', the book for those who love Medellín

Collection book and tourist guide of Medellín

Cover of the book 'Medellín Up Close - Medellín de cerca'.

Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca – Medellín Up Close
is the most beautiful and complete collection book and tourist guide about Medellín. It is a bilingual (English-Spanish) artistic book that offers a summary of the culture, traditions, history, places, natural environment, art, architecture, daily life, gastronomy and the transformation of the city.

Written by native inhabitants of the city.

Book and tourist guide of Medellín
Book and tourist guide of Medellín

Medellin history, culture and traditions

Medellín is a city loved by its inhabitants and attracts the interest of many visitors, but how much do they know about it?

The book
Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca – Medellín Up Close
deals with aspects of the city’s traditions, history, landscaping, infrastructure, places, gastronomy, daily life, celebrations, rituals and art.

Medellín Up Close – Medellín Up Close reveals information that even most inhabitants of the capital of Antioquia are unaware of and should master.

Award from the Colombian Ministry of Culture to the project 'Medellín Up Close - Medellín de cerca' (Medellín Up Close - Medellín up close)

Work awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Culture to represent the country at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, the most important in the Spanish-speaking world.

A souvenir of Medellín
to take anywhere

Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca is an autochthonous gift, very much our own, ideal for family, friends, colleagues, work contacts and clients, when we visit them in other cities in Colombia or abroad. It is a luxury and pocket book at the same time. Because of its user-friendly format, it is easy to carry in luggage without incurring penalties from airlines. It can also be worn as a handheld item.

Book 'Medellín up close' in Barcelona
Book 'Medellín up close' in Paris
Book 'Medellín up close' in Sydney

For the paisas who are out of the country

The paisas who live in other countries or in other regions of Colombia miss their city, they remember it at every moment, they recall the streets they used to walk, the neighborhood, the school, their friends, the food of their mothers and grandmothers. So many beautiful, everyday things! In addition, they want to share, with friends and relatives, the spirit of the city that we transmit through this book. For all these reasons,
Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca
is a reason for joy and an ideal gift for them.

Book 'Medellín up close' in Rome
Book 'Medellin up close' in Florida
Book 'Medellin up close' at the Vatican

To broaden the foreigners’ perspective on the city

Many people, not only foreigners, but also Colombians and even those born and raised in Medellín, know very little about the history, geography and culture of the city and its surroundings. In many occasions, their understanding is reduced to what they see in movies and series that only talk about the Medellin Cartel and drug trafficking… but there is much more to tell about this metropolis.

Platforms that stream series and movies, such as Netflix, large international television networks and even Colombia’s own television channels. They take advantage of the public’s fascination with crime stories and seek to increase their money earnings by associating Medellín, eminently, with drug trafficking, delinquency and crime. That is the story that is being told to millions of people, not only around the world, but even in our own land.

That is why we want our readers, both locals and foreigners, to recognize the cultural and natural wealth of our city and the paisa territory. This city enclosed by the mountains is fascinating, even with the problems it has and has had. Countless inspiring stories can be shared from Medellín!

Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca is a collection book to know and recognize the true value of the city.


Book 'Medellín up close' at Yale University (United States)
Book 'Medellin up close' in Panama
Book 'Medellín up close' in Mexico

Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca is ideal for…

  • Inhabitants of Medellín who wish to learn more about their own city.
  • Paisas living in other cities in Colombia or abroad.
  • Foreign friends interested in visiting or learning more about Medellin, its history and culture.
  • Foreigners who are in Medellín learning Spanish.
  • Foreigners who arrive in the city and want to use it as a tourist guide, or who are already leaving the city and want to take an excellent souvenir or gift for themselves or their loved ones.
  • People in general who wish to practice the English language and, at the same time, learn more about Medellín.
  • Tourist guides.

Do you visit friends or relatives abroad?

The best gift you can bring them is Medellín up close.

The book of those of us who love Medellín


What is the media saying?

A precious book that should be in every Antioquia’s living room.

Olga Vilchez

Journalist and influencer

The beautiful, the iconic and the wonderful that the City of Eternal Spring has, to show the world a visually rich content with photographs and descriptions of them.

Teleantioquia News

This publication comes with texts in Spanish and English, which appear in parallel to tell the stories and culture of the city.

El Tiempo Newspaper

El Tiempo newspaper article about the book 'Medellin up close'.

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