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Guided tour Guatapé - El Peñol

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Medellín de Cerca’s tours are designed to be unforgettable. We transmit what we have learned during years of study, in a fun and entertaining way.

Grafitour Comuna 13 Medellín

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You are not alone in hiring a guide. Medellín de Cerca is a tourism agency registered with the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (with the National Tourism Registry No. 169853) and supervised by the country’s Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. This gives you security and support in different situations.

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Private Tours

Exclusive guided tours for you and your group. The trips are made in cars, vans or minibuses, depending on the number of members.

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Activity packages that last several days. They include transportation, lodging, meals, guided tours and experiences.

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Medellin Close-up Moments

Our tours

Medellín de Cerca© Tour

Receive a copy of our bilingual book Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca at the beginning of the tour and use its blank pages to write a travel diary that you will keep as a souvenir of your stay in the city.

City Tour

Get to know the most essential of Medellín. In this tour you can walk through the most iconic places of the city and take the best pictures that will remain for your memories.

Graffiti Tour Comuna 13

Escalators and urban art tell a story of violence, struggle and transformation in a community that continues to celebrate life with joy and hope.

City Tour + Grafitour Comuna 13

Dedicate a full day to visit the most traditional tourist sites of the city and the emerging site of interest in the escalators and graffiti of Comuna 13.

Guatapé and El Peñol Tour

Delight in the magic of the landscape and the exuberance of the Piedra del Peñol or Peñón de Guatapé, navigate the Peñol-Guatapé dam and immerse yourself in the traditional charm of a colorful town adorned with sockets.

Pablo Escobar Tour: the horror of narco-warfare

It covers some of the places that marked Escobar’s life and understands the narco phenomenon from different points of view, without limiting itself to the accounts of the media and traditional authorities and institutions.

Santa Fe de Antioquia Tour

Considered one of the most charming and beautiful towns in Colombia. Old objects and constructions will make you imagine how people lived in the region up to four centuries ago. You will learn about some of the events of the Spanish conquest and colonization.

River and Railroad Adventure Tour

Enjoy a unique Colombian landscape: the tropical rainforest, an exciting day of rafting on a fast river, and a trip in handcrafted carriages along the railroad track of the old Antioquia Railroad.

Gastronomic Tour: City & Local Food

Explore the city while enjoying local foods, traditional preparations and the best export-type coffee, in carefully selected places recommended by Medellín de Cerca.

Silleteros and Flowers Tour in Santa Elena

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the paisa tradition! Meet the silleteros directly and share with them at any time of the year. You will better understand what it means to be paisa and you will be able to make a silleta with your own hands.

Shopping Tour

On this tour you will be able to purchase souvenirs, clothing (seasonal, classic, underwear), footwear, jewelry and accessories, made by the most prestigious local designers and brands, as well as by the most outstanding independent designers.

Coffee Tour: Cultivation and Tasting

Immerse yourself in a traditional coffee farm, plant a bush, pick the beans and go through the process to obtain a delicious cup of specialty coffee. You will learn how to prepare and taste coffee as the experts do.

Reconnaissance Tour of El Poblado

Learn how to find your way around the area of El Poblado. Recognizes the ideal places to access different products, services and activities that are interesting and important for tourists.

Unique benefits for our users

Excellent local guides

Our guides are native people who have traveled and studied the territory for years.

Personalized attention

You choose: schedules, meeting and ending point, time of stay, etc.

In English or Spanish

Choose the language you understand best to get more and better information.


You can make variations or customize your tour, without exceeding the time of the service, without additional costs.

Guaranteed quality

We put our knowledge of the city at your service and choose the best for you. Good taste pays off!

Travel in comfort and safety

We transport you in comfortable and safe vehicles that comply with all the norms and standards for the provision of tourist services.


You will be able to solve doubts and count on our support, through our customer service channels.

Medical assistance

In all our tours you are covered by an assistance policy, in case of a medical emergency.


For booking any of our private tours, you will receive as a gift a copy of our original book Medellín Up Close – Medellín de cerca.


When booking any of our tours, you will be able to add copies of our book with an exclusive discount for clients.

Private Tours

Increased comfort, customization and flexibility

Medellín de Cerca tours are only available in private mode. These are the main advantages of our service:

Customized start time
You choose from a wide range of possibilities.
If you are late, there is no risk of missing the tour.

Passenger pick-up location
We will pick you up at the address you specify.
You don’t have to travel to a meeting point.

Additional stops
You can make unplanned stops.
Making a purchase or exchanging foreign currency are some examples.

Time in activities
You decide how much time to spend on each activity.
The entire experience has a maximum duration; you manage the timing.


Individual requests
Turning on the air conditioning or opening the windows; adjusting the volume of the music…
Simple things that make a difference are under your control.

Space and comfort
Use the space in the vehicle as you see fit.
Just remember to always use it responsibly.


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Medellin Up Close – Medellin Up Close

Bilingual (Spanish-English)

It addresses aspects of the city’s traditions, history, landscaping, infrastructure, places, gastronomy, daily life, celebrations, rituals and art.

Practical, artistic and collectible

Its content and format are very useful for tourists, who can use it as a guide or as a souvenir.

For all

It reveals information that both residents and visitors to the city should master.

An ideal gift for your loved ones, anywhere in the world.